Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for visitors is applicable to everyone that visits the website .

1. Management

The website is managed by Wood&Washi B.V. Contact information is available on the aforementioned website.

2. Customer data


Some of the data gathered from one or more visits to the may be saved permanently, though anonymously. The data will as such never be retraceable to an individual or organisation.


Wood&Washi B.V. will provide safety and security for the saved data.

3. Cookies


Wood&Washi B.V. utilizes functional cookies to optimise the functionality of certain pages on the website. Cookies are small text files placed on a visitor’s computer by a page of the website. A cookie contains information such as a visitor’s preferences. Wood&Washi can use this information to better assist the visitor when they visit the site in the future, for example by providing domain names the visitor has visited and saved, or the contents of a shopping cart. Because of this, you won’t have to provide the same information every time you visit the site, ensuring a more user-friendly environment.


The visitor can decide themselves how to handle cookies. He or she can adjust their browser to allow, limit or prohibit the use of functional cookies. If the use of cookies is prohibited exceptions can be made on a website to website basis. In this case, allowing the use of cookies on one website does not allow the use on other websites. This possibility is offered by most modern browsers.


Cookies can always be removed from a computer, often through the browser.


Wood@Washi B.V. maakt ook gebruik van marketingcookies om de communicatie van Wood@Washi zowel op haar eigen site als op haar partnersites persoonlijker te maken en beter af te stemmen op de wensen van de individuele klant.


Wood&Washi B.V. utilizes analytics cookies which anonymously processes the surfing behaviour of large numbers of visitors, not of individuals, into graphs and patterns which help us maintain, improve and optimise our websites.

4. Questions

Visitors may direct their questions about the Privacy Policy to Wood&Washi B.V. Contact information is available on the website mentioned in article 1 of this privacy policy.

5. Disclaimer

Wood&Washi B.V. is legally authorized to adjust the contents of the Privacy Policy without notifying visitors. Implementing the change on the website is considered sufficient

The Privacy Policy for Customers is an addition to the Privacy Policy for Visitors and is applicable to anyone that places an order with Wood&Washi B.V.

1. Data provided by the customer

Wood&Washi B.V. may utilize the data provided by the customer for the following ends:


Processing the order.


Sending one or several e-mails related to the order, such as, but not limited to, an e-mail containing the log-in information.


(Incidentally) notifying the customer of a product, tip, useful information, etcetera, of which Wood&Washi B.V. thinks it can assist in providing a better website (experience) for the customer.

2. Providing data to third parties

Wood&Washi B.V. will never pass on data provided by the customer to Wood&Washi B.V. to third parties, with the following exception:


When a court order is issued to provide customer data

3. Security

Data provided by the customer to Wood&Washi B.V. will be saved in a secure environment.

4. Changing customer data

The customer has the opportunity to change the provided data at any time. In such a circumstance Wood&Washi B.V. may require the customer to follow procedures prescribed by Wood&Washi B.V. and may in some cases require identification.

We appreciate and thank you for your attention and efforts.

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