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Soon you can fill in your own preferable fabrics and colors to get an impression of how your ideal window decoration system could look like...


Ribs are available in 13 varieties (aluminium, rvs or wooden inlay) for all Window Decoration Systems, except for the Flow System. 
The Flow system makes use of cloth-profile (on top and sometimes at the bottom) and ribs in between segments. You can choose aluminium ribs or ribs with wooden inlay.

  • Fall in love with our
    unique products &
    refined materials..

  • Decorate your rollo or panel sections
    with elegant wooden inlays..

  • A special collection
    wooden inlays,
    aluminium ribs or
    even stainless steel ribs..

  • Fall in love with our
    unique products &
    refined materials..

13 varieties

  • 10 mm or 25 mm (in between segments)
  • 25 mm (bottom ribs)


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